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Welcome to Brewlysses! My name is Myles Jeffrey and I’m a Certified Cicerone┬« , actor, writer, and trivia nerd/two-time Jeopardy! contestant. I started this blog because I had too many thoughts and opinions about beer (and food, wine, and whiskey) flying around my head and needed an outlet. It combines two of my five passions: beer and writing. For the record, my other three are film, travel, and music, so don’t be surprised if they pop up in here too from time to time.

I grew up in film and television, acting in various shows like 90210 and ER, and movies like Face/Off and a couple Disney Channel Original Movies. This afforded me the opportunity to travel early and often in life, and I have no plans on stopping. One place I traveled to (and have since returned to) is Ireland, where I could legally drink at the ripe old age of 18. Working on my third pint one evening in Galway, I began to count the different beers I’d drank up to that point. I’d had 42 unique beers and no idea that I had started on a path that would lead me here.

The following year, I graduated from UCLA cum laude with a shiny degree in English and newly polished writing skills that I used for penning sketches, a television pilot, and the occasional poem. I began working as a producer for MTV’s documentary series True Life, which, again, allowed to travel often. My first step would always be looking for the best restaurants in whichever city I was visiting and the second was finding the best breweries nearby. For the record, my favorite food cities I’ve visited while filming are New Orleans, Portland, Austin, and Miami.

A few years, hundreds of restaurants, and over a thousand beers later, here I am, sharing it with you. The pursuit of great beer and great food is a lifelong endeavor, and a journey on which I hope you will join me.


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  1. Mama Falcone on October 1, 2015 at 10:09 am said:

    Great bio! Looking forward to reading your blogs!!!

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